Thematic Research Grant Program from HEC

S.NO Name of PI Title Year Department Status
S.NO Name of PI Title Year Department Status
1 Prof. Dr. Naimatullah Shah Investigation attittudes of midlle class Paksitanis towards democracy 2016 Dept: of Public Administration Completed
2 Prof. Dr. Naimatullah Shah Literature suggest that a transparent, independent and sustained system can be introduces through good 2017 Dept: of Public Administration Completed
3 Dr. Naima Tabbasum Research Studies in Aimed to explore personal social, cultural economics Political and legal factors effecting School dropout among male and female student in Ruler and urban areas 2017 Area Study Centre Completed
4 Dr. Bashir Memo Media Literacy among University Students in Sindh Province, Pakistan 2017 Dept: of Media Communica Completed
5 Prof. Dr. Imamuddin Khoso The Empirical analysis of factors affecting entrepreneurial intent and its impact on entrepreneurial behavior of entrepreneurship students enrolled in public sector Universities and vocational institutes in Sindh, Province 2018 Institute of Business Administration In-Process
6 Dr. Irfan Ahmed Shaikh Dying Otagque Culture in Sindh: A Case study of Uper and Lower Sindh 2018 General History Completed
7 Dr. Ghazal Kazim Syed Readers’ response to fiction-a transnational study 2018 Institute of English Language & Literature In-Process