Startup Research Grant Program form HEC

S.NO Name of PI Title Year Department Status
S.NO Name of PI Title Year Department Status
1 Dr. Farzana Bibi Korejo Phytochmical Analysis and Antimicrobial Actives of Fruits and Seeds Extacts of Salvadora Species in Sindh 2016 Institute of Plant Sciences Completed
2 Dr. Mudasir Iqbal Arain Co-relation of Diabetic and Hyperlipidenic patients and their intervention among Urban Rural areas of Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan. 2017 Pharmacy Practice Completed
3 Dr. Muhammad Saleem Chang Characterization of brine shrimp Artmia Population form Coastal sites of Sindh: Survival, growth, maturation and morphometrical characteristics 2017 Science & Tech Education Completed
4 Dr. Muhammad Akram Anti-Oxidant and anti-Inflammatory activity of Cleome brachycarpa Vahi using in Vitro and in vivo models 2017 Department of Pharmacology Completed
5 Dr. Ahmed Shah Phytochemical screening, polyphcnol content deterministrion and invitro free redical cavenging assays of methanolic extract of mitabibs jalapa 2017 Deparment of Pharmacology Completed
6 Dr. Fiza Qureshi Do Mutual funds reduce Stock volatility in Pakistan? implication for Pakistan Stock Market 2018 Institute of Business Administration Completed
7 Dr. Shagufta Jabeen Dissemination of antibiotic resistant pathogenic becteria thrugh water consumption with special reference to Gram negative bacilli 2018 Institute of Microbiology Completed
8 Dr. Geeta Kumari Determination of hepatoprotecive effects of purpurin using in vitro and in vivo models 2018 Pharmacology Completed
9 Dr Jawed Ahmd Biodiversity and Morphology of Arts ( Formicidae) inhabiting on mango trees form Sindh, Pakistan 2018 Department of zoology Completed
10 Syed Faisal Hyder Shah Impact of Higher Education of Women Empowerment A 2018 Dept: Social Work Completed
11 Dr. Imran Ali CPEC; An Ultimate Option for NTS Challenges 2018 Dept: Inter. Relation Completed
12 Dr. Abdul Razaque Channa Gender Constrution through primary School Textbook in Pakistan 2018 Dept: Anthropology Completed
13 Dr. Abdul Rehman Nizamani Assessing the factors responsible for weak financial system in Pakistan 2018 Dept: of Economics Completed